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Gotta Dance prides itself on our progressive dance program allowing students to grow as dancers using age specific curriculum. Students begin as young as 2 years old with the help and comfort of their parents learning the basics of Ballet and Tumbling. As students progress through our Preschool Program, dancers improve their Ballet technique while being introduced to new subjects like Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop each year.

As students continue into our Elementary, Middle and High School Dance Program, students have the option of continuing with combination dance classes with multiple subjects or focusing their dance training on only one or two subjects.

Our carefully constructed Progressive Program has a class for every type of dancer from beginner through advanced, recreational through company. Students aged 4 and up have the ability to take multiple classes per week. Additionally, interested dancers, as young as age 6, can be recommended for participation in our Dance Company, the Dynamite Dancers.

Pre-Ballet, Pre-Jazz, Pre-Tap, and Tumbling 

Pre-school dance classes introduce children to movement, music, and rhythm, as well as body awareness. Emphasis is placed on fun and the development of positive self-esteem as the child enters one of his/her earliest classroom situations. Dancers learn the very basic technique to all subjects within their combination class.


Our most popular form of dance, using your favorite music to create a high-energy class! We focus on rhythm and coordination infusing proper jazz technique with musical theater and the latest in pop and hip hop trends.


The most recognizable form of dance, Ballet improves grace, coordination and confidence. Proper ballet technique is introduced even in our youngest ballet classes and is improved on through each level.


”Making music with your feet.” This class is taught to popular, upbeat music. Improve your rhythm and musicality learning time steps, “shuffle off to Buffalo”, and the “Maxiford.”

Hip Hop 

Derived from traditional jazz dance, Hip Hop infuses an eclectic mix of movements from various cultures put to the most popular music.


A very passionate form of dance combining the elements of Ballet, Jazz and Modern to show expression. Popular music is used to evoke emotion.

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